Gaz Beadle’s mate slams rumours he cheated on his girlfriend with Charlotte Crosby

Gary’s currently dating Lillie Lexie Gregg

Gaz Beadle Charlotte Crosby

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Ooh, so the plot thickens with the Geordies. If we were watching Geordie Shore right now, it would be going OFF (and Scotty T would be punching a wall, because that’s what he does best).

Gaz Beadle and his enormous parsnip have a mate who’s denying that Gaz cheated on his girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg with Charlotte Crosby.

So the denial isn’t coming from Gaz himself – but one of his alleged close mates.

More news!

The anonymous friend told The Mirror: "It's totally untrue. Charlotte has to accept that and move on."

Ooh-er. Well, we’d say the same but WE’VE ALSO BEEN SAYING THAT SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME.

Charlotte told The Sun that she hooked up with Gary and his root vegetable-like appendage at the start of his relationship with Lillie.

"None of this was explained on the show but Gary had lied all about him and Lillie,” she says.

"They'd been together while he was still having sex with me.” Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Gary and Lillie at a James Bond fancy dress party (maybe)

Char says she was on a break from her boyfriend Mitch Jenkins at the time.

She also reckons that Gary "might finish with [Lexie], then string her along.”

"He's a good actor - like making people believe he ever cared for me."

Guys, how about you just get married already? Or get a court order so that you’re never allowed to interact? Or don’t. But do something. This can’t carry on forever, surely?



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