You’ll never guess who X Factor’s Matt Terry used to be in a BOYBAND with

Turns out Matt is an old pro at this popstar lark

Matt Terry

by Hannah Mellin |
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X Factor's Matt Terry, AKA the actual twin ofOne Direction's Louis Tomlinson, has a secret musical past.

What a shocker.

It's now been revealed that the talented star, who continues to impress everyone with his SHAMAZIN performances week after week, used to be in boy band called Far Too Far.


We KNEW he was almost too good.

The band also featured Marvin Humes's (from JLS, of course) younger brother Jackson Humes. Oooooer.

Apparently, the band flew to New York to record with big time US producers and also had a meeting with a HUGE record label.

Sadly, they eventually split the following year, in 2014, as Matt wanted to go solo.

The source, who knew about Matt's big secret, told The Sun: "Matt has given the impression on the show that it’s his first time experiencing the music industry but it’s simply not true."

"Although Far Too Far never made it big, they did have a loyal fan base and spent a long time working on their career as a group."

The source also revealed their confusion that Matt is pretending "It’s strange he has decided to keep it such a secret as it was bound to come out eventually.”

Fan accounts for the band still exist, but their own social media accounts and youtube channels have now dissapeared.

"Matt joined the band for a few months while he was in college.

"He is still on good terms with the other members of the group and one has even come down to support him in the audience at the live shows."

We mean Harry Styles used to be in a band before he was famous, called White Eskimo, featuring his school friends Haydn Morris, Nick Clough and Will Sweeney.

Why the big secret ey Matt? Fess up, Simey.


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