New The X Files trailer lands – and it’s seriously cool

Wooh oooh oooh oooh wooo ooooooh

The X Files trailer

by Georgina Terry |
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“We must ask ourselves, are we truly alone?” says David Duchovny in his role as small-chinned but smouldering Fox Mulder in the cool new trailer for *The X Files. *

To which we answer: yes Dave, we are alone. SO ALONE.


A new trailer for The X Files premiered on US TV last night and it’s animated and really rather ace.

But what can we learn from it?

First off, C –Man informs us, raspily: “They’ve re-opened the X files” which we’d kind of guessed from the previous trailers but thanks C-man! Glad you’re still with us.

Then Gillian Anderson as hot-as-fire Dana Scully chips in: “You are on dangerous ground here,” which is also not mega-helpful but we’ll take what we can from Gillian who we have a total girl crush on.

Also, we may or not meet this monster in the new series:

Argh! Again!

But will this monster be as creepy as Eugene Tooms, the man who could squeeze himself through any space no matter how small including Mulder’s actual letter box? No-one could ever be creepy as him, creepy little bugger.

Still, roll on Sunday 24 January when our pals over the Pond will be treated to the first episode of the new show and we will wait patiently for it to come over to the good old UK on as yet unspecified date.

Which is fine.

It’s not like we invented television or anything.

The X Files returns to Fox for six new episodes on Sunday 24 January.

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