The next Strictly Come Dancing contestant will be announced TOMORROW on BBC Breakfast

Fingers crossed for Will Smith, y'all

Ainsley Harriott

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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We’re slowly being drip-fed Strictly Come Dancing contestants, and it’s either like the world’s slowest-filling bath (worth it in the end, of course), or like water torture if you’re not a fan (not so great. Not so great AT ALL).

So far we’ve been drip-fed the grand total of five would-be dancers: Ainsley Harriott, Georgia May Foote, Jeremy Vine, Kellie Bright and Katie Derham.

None of these are bombshells, mind, though we’re rather looking forward to seeing Ainsley in baby blue Lycra.


We’re still holding out for a surprise appearance from Justin Bieber, Britney Spears or Benedict Cumberbatch (just IMAGINE him in ruffled satin).

And we’ll find out the next contestant precisely TOMORROW MORNING, early risers.

Bill Turnbill and Louise Minchin are going to reveal the next dancer on BBC Breakfast, which starts at 6:00am on BBC One.

Here’s hoping the possible announcement that Will Smith will be doing the salsa in pink feather-adorned bell-bottom trousers* will be made when we’re tucking into our breakfast at 8:00am, because 6:00am is a little early, even for celebrity news hounds like ourselves.

*It could happen. OK, it probably won’t – but it COULD.

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