Nicholas Brendon arrested for trashing hotel room

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is in trouble again


by Lauren Smith |
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Poor Nicholas Brendon. The Criminal Minds actor, who you'll remember as Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has been arrested on Monday for trashing a hotel room - a few months after he was arrested for causing "malicious injury to property" in another hotel.

In a police report obtained by TMZ, Nicholas, who was in Fort Lauderdale for a Comic Book convention, reportedly caused nearly £300 worth of damage to a hotel room, and racked up a bill worth £247 for food and booze. He was arrested on suspicion of grand theft after refusing to pay.

Brendon's agent told the gossip website:

"Nicholas is, unfortunately, battling a disease that many of us don't understand. We are working with him to improve upon the situation at hand and look toward the future. He's sorry for his actions and takes what happened last night very seriously. We will take great care to ensure his safety in the future."

A message was also posted on the actor's Facebook page:

"We're aware of the arrest.

We appreciate the love.

We want nothing more than for Nick to focus on his health and personal well being at this time.

Please note that discussion is welcome, but I cannot promote negativity in any form. Trolls are NOT welcome.

Everyone makes mistakes- and we hope to help him succeed at life in every possible way."

A few days before the arrest, Nicholas had split with his wife of five months, Moonda Tee.

The last time the actor was arrested, he apologised and announced he was returning to rehab. Here's hoping he gets healthy again and battles his demons.

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