Nick Grimshaw wants to be an X Factor judge: “I love the show”

Have you got that, Simon Cowell?

Nick Grimshaw

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Nick Grimshaw would make a great X Factor judge – and he would officially be the hardest working man in showbiz if he got the job.

The radio presenter confirmed AGAIN last night that he’d like to be an X Factor judge – have you got that, Simon Cowell?

Speaking at the Global Fashion Awards Nick said: “[It’s] nothing but speculation with pretty much everyone who has had anything to do with music.


"So there's nothing more to that so far."

Yeah, but you want the job, don’t you? Go on…

"I would like to do it,” Nick said. “I love the show. But loads of people I've read will be really good. Robbie would be great and Simon and Cheryl if they are back.

"I loved Katy Perry too when she was a guest judge and Rita (Ora)."

So basically, Nick’s none the wiser – and could definitely be in the running for the job.

In this week’s heat Nick said: “There were rumours, but then no one ever phoned me.

“I read about it in the press, but there was never any truth in it. When Dermot came on the show he said ‘You’d be great doing it,” and I thought [excitedly], ‘Maybe he knows something?’”

Well, maybe Dermot DOES know something – and you know what they say – there’s no smoke without fire.

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