Is Nickelodeon about to launch a new TV channel with ALL our fave RETRO ’90s cartoons?

If this happens, we'll, we'll, WE MIGHT JUST WEE OURSELVES.


by Maria Vallahis |
Published on

We think this is a once-every-month conversation, 'They don't make cartoons like they used to?' Really what is Ben 10? (Sorry-not-sorry to all you Ben 10 fans out there).

HOWEVER! And it's a HUGE HOWEVER... it looks like Nickelodeon are launching a '90s-only TV channel called The Splat.O. M. G. Our dreams have become reality.

Are we going to FINALLY be able to watch our fave cartoons from back in the day? Please say it is so?


    A first look of the channel was seen on YouTube in a teaser trailer, filled with all sorts of Tamagotchi, GameBoy Colour, Polly Pocket Yoyo-filled, Sunny-D sipping style retro fun.

    Cartoons we expect to see: The Ren And Stimpy Show, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, CatDog, The Wild Thornberrys, Angry Beavers and Rocko’s Modern Life.

    What are your thoughts on the trailer above? Quite frankly, you better LOVE it.

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