No one told Nicki Minaj that her entire BOOB was out during a fashion show :/

Girl code has definitely been broken

Nicki Minaj boob

by Aimee Jakes |
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You would like to think that if you suffered from a dreaded 'nip slip' (blame Missguided's plunging bodysuits) that someone would take you to the side and say, 'look mate, your tits are out!' or do a lot of vigorous pointing to their own chest so you are aware that le boob is out of it's designated area.

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Nicki Minaj needs new friends basically, because she spent the entire day at Paris Fashion Week and no one told the poor lamb.

Nicki Minaj boob at Paris Fashion Week

Like, how did someone not notice?

Nicki Minaj boob at Paris Fashion Week

Maybe the fashion world were to engrossed with her uber trendy purple shades to notice anything below the decollage. Maybe Paris is a bit more lax with their dress code and thought it was part of the outfit?

The 34-year-old rapper looks HELLA good regardless of her wardrobe faux pax. If it was us, we would be making a right tit of ourselves.

Oh Nicki Minaj.

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