Nicola McLean’s husband slams Kim Woodburn after last night’s Celebrity Big Brother


Nicola and Kim CBB

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Last night's Celebrity Big Brother brought a large serving of beefy dramz during a game which saw housemates take part in a CBB TV quiz show called Who Is It?

The housemates were played clips from fans of the show and then had to guess the person they were talking about. Kinda asking for it, eh Big Brother?

Nicola and Kim CBB

It didn't take long for things to kick off between Kim Woodburn and Nicola McLean – who haven’t exactly become firm friends on the show.

After Nicola criticised Jedward, Kim jumped to their defence and tore into Nicola.

"Shut up big gob!" Kim screamed.

To which Nicola replied: "You’re a nasty piece of work and you’re showing yourself to be awful."

Kim then said to Nicola: "And you’re a vile little creature who is jealous of everybody and anybody. Start and I’m warning you now."

She then added: "You’re a Page 3 girl who made a reputation by showing your knockers, dear."

And Nicola retaliated by saying: "You are a no good vile fucking scum of the earth. Shut your fucking mouth."

Lovely when the housemates all get along, isn’t it?

Nicola's husband, Tom Williams, then took to Twitter to have his say on the whole situation, and it wasn't at all pleasant.

He wrote: "C**_s attract c_nts #Kim #Jedward yeah I dropped the C bomb #cbb @bbuk."


Nicola and Kim CBB

This latest spat comes just one day after Kim and Nicola went head-to-head during the Celebrity Big Brother awards.

Kim lost it with Nicola and said: “You really are a nasty piece of work and I don’t know why the hell you are. You want to pick on Kim? Don’t you bother. I had hoped we had a little something here but you’re a nasty bitch of a girl, you’re a saddo. Don’t start with me, you haven’t got the strength."

It's pretty safe to say Kim and Nicola won't be spotted mooching down Oxford Street on a gals' day out together after tonight's final.

But you never know, stranger things have happened in the world of CBB.

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