Nicole Richie slapped in face by interviewer loooooool


Nicole Richie

by Hannah Evans |
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How much would you die inside if you embarrassed yourself in front of a celeb?

What if you accidentally hit them. In that face. On TV?

That's what happened to reporter Cat Greenleaf yesterday and when she interviewed reality TV legend Nicole Richie, and it's been giving us the serious lols ever since.

nicole richie


Nicole was speaking to NBC's Talk Stoop about her upcoming show, Great News, when she was on the receiving end of literally the world's worst high five EVER.

Cat had asked the Simple Life star what the best new she'd heard this week was.

"Well, I live in LA and heard it was going to rain three times this week," Nicole replied.

For some reason this news got Cat SERIOUSLY excited and she went in for the most enthusiastic high five we've ever seen, which took poor Nicole totally by surprise.

The result? Poor Nicz got slapped in the face and her sunglasses went flying.

CRINGE. It’s honestly painful AF to watch.

Obviously, Cat was super embarrassed and tried to make up for it, shouting: "Oh my god! Are you ok? That was the craziest high-five of all times. I’m notoriously clumsy. I’m so sorry."

nicole richie

But the damage was already done. You can’t un-slap a noughties reality TV queen, no coming back from that, hun.

Of course, being the pro she is Nicole made a joke out of it, styling it out with a celeb pose, but she didn't let Cat totally off the hook.

nicole richie

When Cat later asked her for a fun fact about herself, Richie jokingly replied that she was “just abused, like two seconds ago.”

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