Has Nicole Scherzinger had a boob job?

It looks as if the star might have bought some birthday boobs

Nicole Scherzinger

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Nicole Scherzinger had a very eventful and, erm, boozy birthday holiday in Mykonos last week.

But, while looking through her holiday snaps, we couldn’t help but notice that her boobs looked far more, how should we put it, buoyant…


Even if her leopard-print bikini had ten chicken fillets sewn into the cups, we’re 
not sure she’d get this good 
a cleavage. Sure, things 
grow in the sun, but 
can this really apply to Nic’s boobs?

Showing off a smaller pair in 2006
Showing off a smaller pair in 2006

Our expert thinks she’s had a bit of help.

“From the before and after pictures, 
I think it shows that Nicole has had a breast augmentation with large implants,” Mr Aslam from Linia Cosmetic Surgery tells heat.

“However, if so, the surgeon who performed the procedure did a great job, 
as they managed to get 
a relatively natural look. 
This is difficult to achieve on 
slim figures, as there is less flesh to cover the implants, especially if they are large.”

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