Nicole Scherzinger denies being dropped by record label Sony

And promises that new music is on the way

Nicole Scherzinger

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Since parting ways with the Pussycat Dolls in 2010, Nicole Scherzinger has done a pretty good job of making sure her name hasn’t been forgotten - she became an* X Factor* judge for bit, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and took to the stage in musical Cats. Plus there were all those yoghurt ads.

Oh, and she's been pursuing a solo career, of course.

But after her 2014 album Big Fat Lie only featured at number 17 in the album charts, whispers went around that her record label, Sony (who she’d only signed to in January 2014), had dropped her. Eeek.

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    But according to Scherzinger herself, these rumours were in fact a Big Fat Lie.

    The sassy singer told the Huffington Post:

    "I've got a new deal coming out. It was rumoured all this year that I was dropped and I actually wasn't dropped"

    She did clear things up a bit though, as she explained: "I was signing a new deal with another label… We're still working on finalising the contract, which I am unable to speak too much about.

    "I'm really excited about this project and new music that I'm putting together, which will be released next year."

    We wonder what Scherzy's new music will have in store for us? More bangers like… Don’t Hold Your Breath?

    Nicole Scherzinger rollerskating with big hair


    Nicole Scherzinger rollerskating with big hair

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