Nikki Grahame is set to return to the Big Brother house this Friday!

Who IS she? As if you didn’t know

Nikki Grahame

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Here’s some exciting news –* Big Brother* legend Nikki Grahame is reported to be going back into the house this Friday. Which is sure to shake things up.

According to the* Daily Star* she’s going in as one of those Time Bomb thingies (we’re getting sick of that phrase, but that’s the theme).

If you’re not familiar with this series, Time Bombs are basically bombshells. We’re not totally sure why they’re called that either – but there’s some kind of clock theme going on. And there always has to be a theme, doesn’t there?

This Friday there’s going to be a fake eviction, with one housemate going into a secret bunker to spy on the house – and spend time with legendary housemates from series past, like Nikki.

Nikki spoke to Five News about her time on the show back in 2006. She said:

“I was a real crazy character, wasn’t I? But that was like ten years ago. I had a lot of nervous energy, I’ve mellowed.”

We’ll believe that when we see it, Nikks.

“It’s more frustration than anything else. You have no control over anything in that house and it’s really frustrating when* Big Brother* is controlling everything,” she continued.

“The only way you can speak to them is to go in the diary room but by the time you’ve got in the diary room, because they don’t just let you in. You have to press the bottom and you can be standing there for half an hour.”

It’s also been touted that Michelle Bass and Makosi Musambasi could also re-enter the house.

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