Noel Fielding sacked after drug revelations

The Never Mind The Buzzcocks star will no longer appear on the show after he admitted using drugs


by heatworld |

Noel Fielding’s role as team captain on the next series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks is no more following an interview over the weekend in which he admitted taking drugs.

The Mighty Boosh star admitted he turned to coke when the pressure of fame got too much for him, and he revealed that he also dabbled in MDMA, Ketamine, acid, magic mushrooms and hash.

He said: "I started partying way too much, not doing any work. I took too many drugs and was hanging out with the wrong people. I got sucked into the party lifestyle.”

However, despite promising that he’s turned his back on dodgy substances for good, the BBC have decided to axe him from the hit quiz show due to their strict stance on drugs.

Oh dear, it’s all rather dark in the celeb world at the mo, isn’t it?

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