This old X Factor contestant is returning to audition again


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by Polly Foreman |
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If you've watched The X Factor in the last couple of years or so, you'll be aware of the terrifying nightmare of a sob fest that is the Six Chair Challenge.

Basically, it's when all the auditionees who made it through bootcamp sing for their mentor, who decides whether or not to allow them a seat on one of the coveted chairs. They then generally make them get off again in favour of someone else, essentially making the whole fiasco a tear filled, dream crushing mess.

One person who had a terrible experience was Irish singer Janet Grogan, who had her seat cruelly ripped away in 2014 when Simon Cowell decided to trade her in for Robert Pattinson's sis Lizzy (we're sure ratings had NOTHING to do with this decision).


The crowd were not fans of this decision, and even Simon seemed to have his regrets, saying: "I wish I could start this day all over again".

And host Dermot O'Leary (WHO'S BACK THIS YEAR, GUYS) hugged her and said: "That was so hard to watch, I am so, so sorry".


And we're super excited – not just because we bloody love an The X Factor comeback, but also because she was mega talented. She auditioned for the brand new set of judges– who will hopefully be nicer to her than Simon was.

The X Factor 2016

She told the Daily Star: "X Factor was a bit humiliating for me and it look me a long time to get back on my feet. But I am over it now. I just want to sing."

A source from the show added: "Simon was a bit embarrassed. But he was genuinely thrilled she has come back."


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