Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen slam ‘set up’ Love Island

Series two stars criticise show's new direction

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

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Does anyone remember Love Island circa 2016?

It was the one where Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen met and fell in love .

It was also the one where smoking on set was allowed, alcohol flowed more freely and contestants were a lot more liberal with rumpy pumpy action.

Yes, Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham, we're talking to you...

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Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen 2016
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Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen 2016

Olivia Buckland was a member of the 2016 Love Island cast from day one. She coupled up with Daniel Lukakis, Rykard Jenkins and Adam Maxted before Alex Bowen entered.From day 20 onwards, Olivia stayed coupled up with Alex Bowen. The couple ended as runners up.Before entering the villa, Olivia worked as a sales executive and Alex was a scaffolder and fitness model.Before her rise to fame, Olivia admitted she was so debt-ridden she had to sell her own sofa.

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Olivia and Alex are (obviously) eternally grateful for the platform the show has given them, having amassed 3.8m Instagram followers combined.

This huge following has led to a rumoured multi million pound fortune, untold social media campaigns, a reality series AND fashion brand, Exempt Society...

Whew, they've certainly been busy.

Not only that, the couple married in a lavish ceremony in 2018 and are also in the process of moving in to their dream country home.

You could say they really are living the reality star's dream (and we're not envious at ALL*).

However, during a recent podcast reality TV's golden couple let slip they thought Love Island wasn't as organic as when they appeared in the early days on series two.

During Pretty Little Thing's Valentine's podcast Alex revealed, "I don't think I'd have liked to go on the show now, I'm glad I went on when we did."


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While Alex isn't watching this season, Olivia admitted she is.

Although she explained watching for her and Alex is different as they are both much more sceptical having lived there, "Now we look at it and think, have the producers got involved in this?"

Alex believes it's got a lot worse since series two, saying, "It feels a lot more set up."


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