Olivia Attwood just shut down body shamers on Instagram


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by Polly Foreman |
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Love Island’s Olivia Attwood is frequently targeted by cruel trolls on social media who call her out for being ‘too skinny’, and she’s now hit back at the comments on Instagram.

Taking to her story, she wrote: “Just had a bit of time to read through some of the messages and comments I have had over the last few days. And WOW there is still a massive obsession with my weight.

“You have no idea why someone is the weight they are or the personal battles they are facing. I’m at this blissful age where I couldn’t give a fuck what any of you think and I’m finally very happy in my own skin, but a few years ago this would of killed me.

olivia attwood

“Iv had so many young girls messaging me who also struggle with their weight, so this is for them.. today when your looking down your Instagram and you think someone is too thin, or too fat, or their lips are too big or not beg enough. Keep it to yourself you sad morons and go and do something f*cking useful with your day”.

We’re very with her on this one.

This sadly isn’t the first time Olivia has had to hit back at nasty comments. She previously hit back at a troll who called her ‘anorexic’ on Instagram.

The comment, which has now been deleted, appeared on a photo of Olivia modelling her InTheStyle range and suggested that she was suffering from the illness.

Olivia then tweeted: “What a f*cking disgusting thing to say. Anorexia is a disease, and that word should not be thrown around. Educate yourself you vile human.”

Fans were quick to support Olivia – one wrote: “Calling out a disorder is that same as being racist, sexist, homophobic etc. Are you saying they’re fine too because they’re ‘opinions’?

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