Wait… Olivia Attwood’s brother is LITERALLY HER TWIN


Olivia Attwood

by Joanna Freedman |
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So, its safe to say that this year’s Love Island contestants have their fair share of FITLORD siblings.

Gabby Allen’s brother, Ethan, basically has his own fan club after he appeared on the show for all of thirty seconds, and Amber Davies’ sister Jade is also an absolute rocket.

But one sibling we didn’t know about was Olivia Attwood’s brother, Max. And he looks JUST LIKE HER.

Take a look for yourselves.

Liv’s hidden brother is currently studying at university in Canada, and came to light after he posted a pic with her on Instagram, with the caption: “My sister/ best friend who makes me proud on a daily basis.”

Awww. How adorbz.

Liv commented on the picture, saying: “Oh my god, my heart, love you so much”.

olivia tatted brother

And it seems like he’s already getting on with her boyfriend, Chris Hughes, too.

The ex-Islander was quick to comment on the pic, adding: “My girl and my guy.” Cute.

It's a good job that the pair get on, seeing as Liv and Chris are planning to move in together, and there's even rumours that an engagement might be on the cards soon.

Hopefully we're invited to the wedding, and you can sit us next to your brother, ok Liv?

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