Olivia Attwood, ‘I was nervous on my first porn shoot’

The Love Island 2017 star has been investigating the world of selling sex

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She's racked up an impressive list of reality TV credentials since first bursting onto our screens in the 2017 series of Love Island. Now, Olivia Attwood has dipped her investigatory toes into the pond of presenting, as she fronts new four-part ITV documentary Getting Filthy Rich.

Aiming to offer a fully immersive experience of the world of selling sexual content online, Olivia, 31, delves into the lives of those at the heart of the industry - and even bags a cameo in a porn shoot.

Olivia told heat about her experience and her presenting ambitions...

What was the most eye-opening part about making Getting Filthy Rich?

Having the experience to get to know these individuals and their lives was a real privilege. And learning what goes into the online sexual economy. It's not as simple as I initially thought it was.

You got straight in and set up your own OnlyFans account. Were you surprised at how quick and easy it was to do?

People always said, “You could have OnlyFans and post your bikini pictures on there and make a fortune.” I thought that might be true, but I soon realised if you’re not replying to DMs and spending a lot of time on the website, you’re not going to make money.

How did you feel when you were asked to make a cameo on a porn shoot?

With the porn shoot,I was nervous because there was a lot of acting. I wasn’t even thinking about the fact the girls were naked and this is going on Pornhub. Every single moment is carefully planned and thought out. Naïvely, I didn’t realise it was like that!

Was there anything that made you feel uncomfortable?

There are only so many hours you can watch people having sex! After the hour and a half mark, I was like I need to get out and get some air. I was thinking fair play to them, I don’t know how they do it.

Olivia is er, getting down to business @ITV2

Has your mindset changed about the term “empowering”? You and your fiancé Brad had some interesting conversations surrounding this...

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a straightforward answer. It’s very much down to the individual. No one can tell anyone else how they should feel. Having Brad’s insight on that, as a straight male, was interesting.

Do you hope to become the next Stacey Dooley?

I won’t even disrespect her and put myself in that category. She’s a true documentary maker. For me, this is just the beginning. I hope I can stay in this field and make more shows of this nature, but with my own twist on it.

Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich starts this week on ITV2

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