Olivia Attwood breaks silence on Chris Hughes split on Loose Women

She also spoke about those Katie Price rumours


by Polly Foreman |

Olivia Attwood appeared on Loose Women today to give her first interview since it was revealed she's split with Love Island boyfriend Chris Hughes.

She admitted that the rumours were true, saying: "We have split this time. As we were filming the show. Its something we haven't been able to avoid talking about

Olivia also revealed that it was Chris who made the decision, saying: "Over the weekend Chris made the decision he wanted to leave the relationship."


She also revealed that he split up with her over the phone.

Olivia also spoke about the tweets she'd sent to her ex, saying: "I went out for a few drinks and sent some stupid tweets to many people, one of which my ex boyfriend. Which was distasteful.

"It obviously upset him to the point he wanted to end the relationship.

Olivia also seemingly referenced the rumours Chris had a fling with Katie Price, saying: "I took it really hard because I stood by Chris through lots of things.

She was then asked: "Do you mean about Katie?", to which she responded: "Yes that was one of them."

Speaking about how she felt during the break-up, Olivia said: "I felt abandoned. We were on the phone for a couple of minutes. He said I want to break up... it was the day before filming and he texted and said i don't want to do tomorrow but we're going to have to do it."


It was reported earlier this week that they'd split following a lack of trust in their relationship.

A source told the MailOnline: “Chris broke up with Olivia over the weekend due to a breakdown in trust in the relationship.

And responding to reports Olivia had sent messages to her ex, the source continued: “Everyone knew that Olivia was still up to no good with her ex and the tweets proved it.

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"It all got too much for Chris so he called her and ended it, it’s sad because he adored her."

It's also been claimed that Chris and Olivia's upcoming reality show has been cut short following news of the split, with a source telling The Sun: “There was only so much arguing they could include.

“While Chris and Olivia had lots of good times in the Love Island villa, afterwards all they seemed to do was bicker.”

The reality show has reportedly been cut from six episodes to just three.

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