Ollie Locke had Angel Delight poo during filming with Bear Grylls

Thanks for ruining that pudding for us FOREVER, Ols

Ollie Locke

by Polly Foreman |
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We couldn't help but notice that Bear Grylls is having a pretty weird time of it with celebs at the mo.

Last week, we brought you the alarming news that Mel B had literally pissed on his leg. And it wasn't an accidental drunken thing in a field, she'd actually offered to do so after he got stung by a jellyfish.

Still, having Scary Spice piss on you is one for the bucket list, eh Bear?

And now Ollie Locke has come out and said his poo turned into BUTTERSCOTCH ANGEL DELIGHT while he was filming a Stand Up To Cancer special with Bear.

We literally cannot cope with this.

He said: "I almost reckon I could count the amount of times I weed, let alone pooed.

"I'm going to say I pooed twice. And I'm going to go really detailed and say it was like butterscotch Angel Delight."

Ollie Locke


We really hope he's gonna get his bowels sorted for Made In Chelsea filming, given that Lucy Watson's left and our favourite characters are DWINDLING.

Anyone who follows Lucy on Instagram will know that she and her boyfriend James Dunmore are absolutely obsessed with each other (it's bordering on annoying. We're bitter).

Just LOOK at them.

And now it's emerged that they love each other SO MUCH that she won't be returning for series 12.

Her friend and cast mate Frankie Gaff told BANG Showbiz: "Lucy's not going to be in the next series. At the moment she's decided not to because she's loved up."

And a spokesperson for Lucy confirmed to heat: "After four amazing years on Made In Chelsea, Lucy feels that now is the right time to explore some other exciting opportunities and projects that she is passionate about.

"Being part of such a successful show has been an incredible experience for her and she wishes everyone involved all the very best for the future."

Bear Grylls' special for Stand Up To Cancer starts on September 18 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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