Remember when Olly Murs went on Deal or No Deal FLASHED his pants and won a TENNER?!

Probs wouldn't even buy you a Freddo, Olly pet

Olly murs deal or no deal

by Aimee Jakes |
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We all have a past which we can DENY DENY DENY by pretending we never went to school with orange fake tan streaks and we definitely never snogged our best mates brother once.

But unfortunately for celebs their past is often found and distributed on the internet more times than we have seen Lewis Bloor's willy. Er, soz about that.

We are just coming to terms with the beautifully bizarre video of when Chloe Mafia appeared on Snog Marry Avoid, which if you haven't already, grab a sandwich, WATCH IT and thank us later, when we stumbled upon THIS.

The newest video to be dug up is cheeky chappie Olly Murs' appearance Deal or No Deal, where he naturally charmed the pants off the audience and bagged himself... a tenner. Probably wouldn't have covered his bus ticket and a bag of crisps.

Highlights from the show include Ollly flashing his pants, his mum and dad's homemade good luck card and EVERY contestant raising their hand when asked 'has Olly ever flirted with you?'

olly murs card

Oh Olly, what are you LIKE.

Challenge time: Can you watch the whole video without your a) your heart melting into a sticky puddle of gloop b) outwardly saying n'aawh or C) Grinning to yourself like an idiot? Please let us know.

This comes after the annoucement that Deal or No Deal is to be axed after 11 years which is a very sad time for daytime TV.

Best of luck to good 'ole Noel and The Banker on their next venture.

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