Is Olly Murs preparing to propose to his girlfriend Francesca Thomas?

It seems the time may be right for Olly to get down on one knee and pop the question...


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OK, go and make yourself the strongest cup of tea known to man. Tea so strong you can stand yer spoon up in it. Done that?


Now add a big ole slosh of brandy to it. And gather ALL the tissues you have in the house.


Now you're ready to hear the news: Olly Murs may well be getting married soon.


It's like a full body blow, isn't it? What is even the point of going on?

And we don't even WANT to imagine how Caroline Flack is feeling right now...

The Troublemaker singer is said to be preparing to pop the question to long-term girlfriend Francesca Thomas, who he met at V Festival in 2012 and has been dating ever since.

According to the Daily Star, a friend of Olly's reckons he's ready to settle down with Francesca, who at 25 is five years younger than the X Factor star.

"Now Olly has turned 30, he's realised he's ready to settle down," a source told the newspaper. "He's told all his friends that he's planning the perfect proposal."

Olly and Francesca have been dating since 2012

Their relationship only became public in September last year after Olly admitted to having kept Francesca a secret to give them a chance of success.

He said at the time: "Now everyone knows I have a girlfriend, but being in the public eye can ruin everything.

"It'd be different if I was dating a celebrity but I want to give this a chance to blossom - and being in the industry makes it a hundred times harder.

"I don't think my fans will be upset - if each member of One Direction can have girlfriends and be OK, I'm sure I can."

Strangled sob

We hope Olly and Francesca will be very happy together and snotty splutter we wish them a lifetime of joy and contentment.

Guess Olly's heart really has skip, skip, skipped a beat.



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