Olly Murs just saved someone’s life


Olly Murs

by Ruby Norris |
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So Olly Murs is legit a MEGA babe.

Forming One Direction supergroups and running around the country going on the pull with Niall Horan.

Literally we didn't think it was possible to love him more than we already do.


Because Olly just literally saved a woman's life. Like, actually properly saved her life. She might not be alive now if it wasn't for Olly Murs.

Olly was out for dinner with friends when a fellow diner began choking on her food.

V scary, but fear not, Olly was there to come to the rescue and immediately rushed over to help.

He quickly performed the Heimlich manoeuvre and managed to dislodge the food stuck in her throat.

Olly than comforted the woman who was clearly very shaken by the event.

Seriously, WHAT A HERO.

In other Olly Murs news, the singer practically confirmed Cheryl's 'pregancy' earlier.

Speaking in Dan Wootton’s column in The Sun, Olly said: "Cheryl's bump was looking rather large and was out for everyone to see."

Nice observation, Ols.

"It's going to be a fantastic time for them, you could definitely see how happy they are. They will make fantastic parents," he added.


Olly also said: "It was great to see Cheryl and Liam looking so happy".

Olly also revealed he's planning on having a boozy Christmas and hopes to catch up with the One Direction boys over the festive period.

"I hope to catch up with the boys and Niall Horan over Christmas," he explained.

What a coincidence, that's on our Christmas list too!

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