Olly Murs scraps song from tour after angering his gran



by Owen Tonks |
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Something you don’t want to do at Christmas is upset your gran. Oh no, no no – she might drop poison into your Brussels sprouts on the big day or, GASP, put a lump of coal in your stocking.

Well, Olly Murs is playing a risky little game after writing a song about his grandparents’ fights.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I wrote a song on my second album and it’s called I Don’t Love You Too. It’s about two people having an argument – it was about my nan and granddad.

“She’d be the first to admit that they do argue. She says, ‘I hate you Stan,’ and then she says, ‘I don’t mean it.’

“She didn’t like it.”

In fact, Olly’s nan was so annoyed that he decided to scrap the song from his shows.

The singer continued: “I didn’t sing it on tour because I didn’t want her to be upset watching it. I decided to cut that from the set.”

Well, at least she got what she wanted for Xmas.


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