Did Olly Murs split from girlfriend Francesca Thomas because of his FANS?

This is really sad :(


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Olly Murs has revealed the real reason behind his and girlfriend Francesca Thomas' split – and it was sort of all to do with his fans. Well, some of the more… enthusiastic one, anyway.

Opening up in his newly published book On The Road, the* X Factor* host revealed the couple found it hard when Olly had to deal with so much female attention.

"A lot of my fans are girls, so it can cause problems, obviously," he wrote in the book.

"Sometimes I'll ask Francesca to stay in the people carrier when a crowd comes around. From her perspective she's thinking, 'Why am I a secret? Why are you putting me in a car?' And I say, 'You can come and stand with me if you want'.

Olly and Francesca in happier times
Olly and Francesca in happier times

"But if someone comes up and asks for a picture and says, 'Olly I really fancy you, you should dump your girlfriend. You should get rid of her and go out with me'. It's not nice."

Yeesh. Yeah, but who would do that? We've stood in the same room as David Beckham – close enough to smell his meadowy scent, even – and we've still managed to prevent ourselves from yelling out, "DUMP VICTORIA! PICK MEEEEE!"

It comes after Olly admitted to the Loose Women panel yesterday that he's found the last couple of weeks really tough.

"I've just gone through a break up with my girlfriend, which has been quite sad, quite a difficult couple of weeks," he explained to them.

Olly and commercial property manager Francesca met at V Festival in 2012 and have been together ever since, managing to keep their relationship secret until last year.

They recently went on holiday together, but just a week later had decided to go their separate ways.

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