Just LOOK what this Olympian ordered from Maccy’s

Spoiler: It ain’t a happy meal


by Polly Foreman |
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We at heat bloody love the Olympics, but all these hours of watching people achieve inconceivable physical feats while we’re sat on the sofa with a large plate of spaghetti balanced on our tummies is starting to make us feel bad about ourselves. We avoid walking up the stairs wherever possible.

Usain Bolt

So we were pleased to see the athletes are no different to us, really - and one has literally ordered the most amount of food we have ever seen in our actual lives from McDonald's.

Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe had quite literally the best response to not winning a medal we’d ever seen, and ordered from McDonald's: four packs of chicken nuggets, six burgers, six packs of fries, six cakes, and a nice healthy bottle of water.

Sidenote: They sell cakes in Brazillian McDonald's?!

He documented his extremely exciting day with a pic of him showing off his six pack while surrounded by the food.

Just looks like a standard hangover day, really.

Sawan captioned the pic: "Can't wait to go back home to start training and keep on improving! Just want to say thanks again to everyone back home for the on going [sic] support. Definitely motivated me to fight hard on court everyday."

"Now it's time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean!".

Apparently McDonald’s is given away FOR FREE in the Olympic village, so it’s really no surprise Sawan got a bit overexcited.

Australian swimmer Melanie Wright wrote on News.com.au: "At the beginning of the Olympics, the lines are short with a few weightlifters, track and field throwers and marathon runners frequenting the Big Macs

"But by the final few days when most sports are finished, they can barely keep up as each athlete lines up to order 27 cheese burgers, 40 chicken McNuggets, 12 sundaes and a Diet Coke before collecting the food and walking away without needing to pay."



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