Olympian Simone Biles was all of us when she met Zac Efron


Simone Biles

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On our list of Olympians we'd never heard before this year but are now completely in love with – Fu Yuanhui, that guy who knocked a pole vault off with his peen, that other guy who ate the whole of McDonald's after not getting a medal – Simone Biles ranks pretty darn high.

Her gymnastics skills are so bloody good that they kinda give us a headache and she's won FOUR GOLD MEDALS IN ONE OLYMPICS. AND ONE BRONZE.

Simone Biles


Though we are literally no experts.

But she does kinda make us feel bad about ourselves when we're sat at home on the sofa with a huge plate of spaghetti balanced on our tummies watching her leap about…

And Simone has just proved herself EVEN MORE GREAT, as she met Zac Efron and literally had the most appropriate reaction to meeting him we have ever seen.

She died, basically.

Not literally.

He'd been sending her love over Twitter throughout the Olympics and he just TURNED UP IN RIO to meet her.

Why doesn't he ever just turn up anywhere in our vicinity?

Zaccy tweeted: "Surprise!! #Rio2016 #Gold #FinalFive" and "My Olympic dream came true #Rio2016 #FinalFive"

Seriously, we cannot


In response, someone tweeted exactly what we were all thinking: "Zac Efron flew to Rio to surprise Simone Biles and I can't even get a text back."

Simone has apparently held a longstanding penchant for Zac. She was appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show back in March, and Ellen asked her: "Is it just 'cause he's gorgeous, is that why you like him?" to which she replied: "Yes!"

We feel ya, hun.

The visit from Mr Efron was apparently organised by a host of US Chat Show Today Hoba Kotb. Feel free to send Zac our way any time you like, Ms Kotb!

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