Olympic athlete misses out on medal due to his MASSIVE PEEN

This isn't even a joke

Rio 2016

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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If you were a reality TV star, you'd be VERY happy to be blessed with a huge member. Look at Gary Beadle whipping out the 'parsnip' on Geordie Shore, or Lewis Bloor exposing his shlong in the Celebrity Big Brother house, or even Alex Bowen and all the airtime his massive love muscle got on Love Island.

But if you're not a reality TV star, and you are instead an Olympian, it may not be such an asset.

And if you're Hiroki Ogita, it will cost you your place in the Men's Pole Vault at Rio 2016.


The Japanese athlete was attempting to ping himself over the bar at 5.45 metres on Saturday when his peen decided to bump the pole at a pivotal moment.

And when peen meets pole, Olympic dreams are dashed.

Take a look for yourself. The sneaky member cost poor old Hiroki the chance to stand tall on the winner's podium.


Don't worry, Hiroki. There may be a vid of your willy going viral, and you may not have got that gold, but we hear there's a McDonalds providing free Big Macs to sports people.

Every cloud.

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