OMG! Kate Moss to star in upcoming Absolutely Fabulous move

The model joins a whole host of other A-listers


by Chloe Lawrance |

Fashion fans, hold on to your (très stylish) hats. We've got some very exciting news for you.

That's right: Kate Moss has only gone and bagged herself a role in the upcoming film version of iconic television show Absolutely Fabulous, due to start shooting in the Autumn. We are literally giddy.

Creator and star of the sitcom Jennifer Saunders, who plays extravagant fashion PR exec Edina Monsoon in the show, reportedly confirmed the model's cameo to the Mirror:

"I can confirm that Kate does have a part in the forthcoming movie.

"It's not yet decided whether she’ll have a speaking part or not, but she’ll definitely be in it.

"She’s a big fan of the show and we’re pals, so – aside from the fact she’s the definitive model - it was a no-brainer."

Kate's Ab Fab cameo seems like a real no brainer to us too; after THAT EasyJet incident we think she might actually be the real life Patsy Stone. She joins a long list of reported A-list celebs with cameos in the movie, with Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Lulu and Emma Bunton all rumoured to be featuring. Seriously fabulous.

Jennifer confirmed the upcoming movie adaptation of much-loved series in 2014. She finally cracked on with the script after a £100,000 bet with Dawn French that she would never finish it. Thanks, Dawn!

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