One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and The Vamps’ James McVey side with Calvin Harris after Zayn Malik Twitter row!

Why don't we just have a cup of tea and all calm down.


by Maria Vallahis |
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So after a very nasty Twitter row between Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik arguining over Taylor Swift, Louis Tomlinson and James McVery have jumped in and kind of sided with Calvin.

The former 1D lad, Zayn did call Calvin a "dickhead" and told him to "calm his knickers down before his dentures fell out" - low blow Zayn.

Wading into the public row over Tay-Tay’s decision to pull her music from Spotify, current 1D member Louis favourited one of Calvin's tweets aimed at Zayn, which read: “You've made your money? the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah fk em.”


Naturally 1D fans noticed the favourite straight away and even other stars got involved in taking sides.

And during the row, The Vamps singer James posted his own message saying: “Had to support my passion. It is people like @taylorswift13 who knows how I felt then. It's not about houses, dogs or cats when making..

“£40 at a show means you can afford to buy tickets to sell as a support slot show. It's trying to continue your passion as an unsigned artist.”

Louis's Favourites on Twitter and the first one is Calvin's tweet.

Although Louis and James didn’t directly get involved with the argument they seem to have made it clear where their loyalties lie.

We wonder if Zayn will get involved in a Twitter row with his former band mate Louis?

And we also wonder why these celebrities don't just get on the phone to have a conversation about it all? Twitter has turned into a full-grown playground rowing spot.

It wasn't long ago Taylor and Nicki Minaj got into one of their own.

And you know one of the problems as to how all these type of rows start? Celebrities "reading into" other celebrities tweets, when they're not even @ mentioned.

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