Orange Wednesdays are back (sort of)

The world hasn’t ended after all

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by Jennifer Read-Dominguez |
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It was a sad day for cinema when the Orange Wednesdays deal ended after a glorious ten years. You may still text 241 just because you miss those heart-warming messages or maybe you were never an Orange customer but it was still a travesty nonetheless.

So if the middle of the week as you knew it (and your relationship with Pizza Express) ended when Orange Wednesdays finished in February, good news: Orange Wednesdays are back! Well, sort of.

The two-for-one cinema deal will now be sponsored by Compare The Market and be back from the 7 April, under a new name, Meerkat Movies.

And, it will be available on Tuesdays too – result!

Cinema-goers will have to be Compare The Market customers to use the deal via a code on the Meerkat Movies app.

The offer lasts for a year and is in partnership with Cinema First so get ready for the return of mid-week cinema – which means the reappearance of the annoying latecomer, sweet rustlers and whispering that isn’t really whispering. Yay!

Chief Executive of Cinema First, Phil Clapp, told Newsbeat: "This is the biggest promotion that cinema has ever seen.

"People look for value and we are very hopeful this exciting new promotion will offer a significant incentive to people who otherwise wouldn't go to the cinema.

"Orange Wednesdays was hugely popular but this offers extra flexibility with a choice of two days rather than one."

Cue the adverts (hopefully minus the annoying man with the mostache).

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