The Osbournes are back! Sharon Osbourne reveals new episodes of reality show to be filmed

This is AH-MAZE!


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Once upon a time there was a fantasy land deep within the confines of Beverly Hills.

It was a small place – say the size of a lavish mansion – with a sprawling, luscious green garden where a mystical waterfall cascaded into a deep blue pool.

The population of this land was not big – it was ruled by King Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Queen Sharon.

They lived with Prince Jack Osbourne and his sister, Princess Kelly, and other citizens of Planet Earth were rarely granted access to this place but we were all allowed to look in, once a week, via a portal called MTV.

This weekly viewing became known as The Osbournes but it was cruelly snatched from under our eyes years ago, leaving a gaping hole in our lives.

But, today, Sharon appeared on Loose Women to reveal the show would be back as a special treat.

These humans will on our screens again!
These humans will on our screens again!

She said: “Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few episodes, not a whole season, about eight episodes of The Osbournes.

“It’s been 13 years since the last one. He said for the whole three years that we did it he was drunk the whole time, so he said he would like to do one when he’s completely sober as he is now, so we’re like, ‘Yes!’”

If you’re hoping to return to the fun and frolics and, erm, dark times of years gone by, it won’t quite be the same as things are so different for the family now.

When asked if Kelly and Jack will feature, former X Factor judge Sharon said: “Yes, they’ll come in and out, in and out, yes. Because it’s been 13 years and our lives have changed so much it’s a kind of catch up, it’s like, what they’re doing now.”

Ah, the memories will become a reality again! Sharrrrroooonnnnn!

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