Oscars 2015: Did John Travolta confuse Scarlett Johansson for her Madame Tussauds’ waxwork?

Seriously, she looks super pissed off.


by Jennifer Read-Dominguez |
Published on

As you’ll know if you read the papers or any form of social media, the Oscars was under a John Travolta siege last night. Like, for real.

Because as well as creeping up behind Scarlett Johansson to give her a kiss (and basically making the actress give up on life – just look at the expression on her face), JT also caressed Frozen star Idina Menzel’s face LIVE ON STAGE.

Ooh, look! Super-snazzy Oscars news:

We can only assume that the 61-year-old, former Danny Zuko, got lost on his way to a waxwork museum. Because, you can’t just go up to people and touch them, John.

This tweet didn't help much either...

In short: We thought the awkwardness of John Travolta's mispronunciation of Idina Menzel at last year's Oscars could never be outdone (Adele Dazeem, we’ll never forget you!). But it seems Travolta has outshone himself in 2015. Bravo, Travs. Please never touch our face in that way.

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