Oscars 2015: the WORST outfits. This lot were more eek than chic…

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by Ellen Kerry |
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As much as we'd LOVE to be able to say every single person got a gold star for services to style at this year's Oscars, if we did it would be a lie. Because there were the inevitable WTF, whyyyyy and oh dear moments.

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Oscars 2015 worst dressed


oscars 2015 worst dressed

Anna Wintour1 of 10

Anna Wintour

Bea Schaffer, you look great. Anna, you do not. Yes, we realise that means you will probably send out a pack of hounds to get us but HEY.

Blacno Bianco2 of 10

Blacno Bianco

We don't know who you are, bbz, but you defs got lost on your way to a Hunger Games party.

Cate Blanchett3 of 10

Cate Blanchett

Could've been great. Instead was boring. Sadfaces all round.

Chloe Moretz4 of 10

Chloe Moretz

Such glowy gorgeousness, why did she have to ruin it all with a bedsheet dress?!

Felicity Jones5 of 10

Felicity Jones

Why of WHY did you choose the frumpiest dress in the 80s bridesmaid shop, Flic?

Gwyneth Paltrow6 of 10

Gwyneth Paltrow

Something tells us Gwynnie is feeling girrrrly...

Kerry Washington7 of 10

Kerry Washington

More blah-blah bridesmaid styling. We want more, Kezza!

Lady Gaga8 of 10

Lady Gaga

"Hands that do dishes..." Red marigolds are the new thing, according to Gaga. A bra wouldn't have gone a-miss, either.

Naomi Watts9 of 10

Naomi Watts

Is Naomi on the run? Maybe wearing brick camouflage is her way of feeling safe.

Scarlett Johansson10 of 10

Scarlett Johansson

In-yer-face WOW figure but terrible green takeover.

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