Oscars 2015: The 23 worst hair and make up disasters EVER

Another look in the mirror might have been good


by Ellen Kerry |
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To celebrate the fact that the BIGGEST and best awards ceremony (soz all other ones, we love you rly) is happening this weekend, we’ve trawled the archives to find to most yikes beauty looks EVER.

The Academy Awards (or Oscars if you like a shortie) will be taking place on Sunday night and WE will be here to bring you all of the news, goss and fashion LIVE from le red carpet.

Until then, why not feast your eyes on the following unfortunately looks that have happened at the Oscars over the years. We’re talking weird lippy, way-bad foundation and the cakey powder. And the HAIR. Te be honest, it's mostly about the hair DON'TS.

Man, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions compiling this. So, enjoy, yeah?

Oscars Worst Beauty Ever


worst ever oscars hair and beauty gallery

Diane Keaton, 19781 of 25

Diane Keaton, 1978

Just because it's the 70s doesn't mean you get away with wearing an animal on your bonce.

Cher, 19902 of 25

Cher, 1990

This will NEVER not be good.

Angelina Jolie, 20013 of 25

Angelina Jolie, 2001

She is still beaut, obvs, but the combo of mauve + mauve washed Jolie out a tad.

Drew Barrymore, 20054 of 25

Drew Barrymore, 2005

More Woman In Black yikes that Oscars chic.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 20025 of 25

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Gwynnie does grunge might have worked at the NME Awards but not the Oscars.

Jennifer Lopez, 20026 of 25

Jennifer Lopez, 2002

In 2002 there was a hairspray shortage. We have no idea how or why that could've happened...

Keira Knightley, 20067 of 25

Keira Knightley, 2006

No, Keira ins't starring in yet another ye olde costume drama. This was her older lady look for the '06 Oscars.

Kelly Osbourne, 20148 of 25

Kelly Osbourne, 2014

We love you, Kel, but your make up last year was way overboard. Let your lovely skin shine through!

Renee Zellweger, 20029 of 25

Renee Zellweger, 2002

Did someone have a MAJE chemical peel pre-Oscars?

Margot Robbie, 201410 of 25

Margot Robbie, 2014

A majorly dramz change, yes, but way too harsh for usually-blonde Robbie. And those brows are giving us the willies.

Jessica Biel, 200711 of 25

Jessica Biel, 2007

This was 8 years ago and yet Jess looks older than she does NOW. Dry, moussey hair > ageing, bbz.

Jodie Foster, 199312 of 25

Jodie Foster, 1993

A surfer of hair would have the best time EVER riding that quiff, #justsayin'.

Nicole Kidman, 200413 of 25

Nicole Kidman, 2004

We really want to shout 'YEE HAW'. Why Nic went to the '04 Oscars as a saloon gal, we'll never know.

Lady Gaga, 201414 of 25

Lady Gaga, 2014

Why is your face so TIGHT, love?

Katherine Heigl, 200815 of 25

Katherine Heigl, 2008

Christ, love, leave some make up for the rest of us, yeah?

Christina Aguilera, 200516 of 25

Christina Aguilera, 2005

Pop tart Barbie babe is perf for MTV VMAs but the Oscars demand something a bit more refined...

Jennifer Lopez, 200617 of 25

Jennifer Lopez, 2006

If anyone ever says J-Lo doesn't like bronzer they will be forced to eat a whole bronzer.

Scarlett johansson, 201118 of 25

Scarlett johansson, 2011

Looking like you're suffering from an eye infection isn't going to get you any awards, Scar.

portia-19 of 25


Juliette Lewis, 199220 of 25

Juliette Lewis, 1992

Remember the kerfuffle Jules' cornrows caused back in the 90s? We're feelin' them now. But not for the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence, 201421 of 25

Jennifer Lawrence, 2014

Our fave of the baes, but last year's J-Law look was more mum than fun.

Kristen Stewart, 201422 of 25

Kristen Stewart, 2014

Dry shampoo is okay for days when you can't be bovved but if you're heading to the Academy Awards, WASH YOUR HAIR.

Kate Hudson, 200123 of 25

Kate Hudson, 2001

A corkscrew perm fringe? Nah. Nope. Never.

Nicole Kidman, 201124 of 25

Nicole Kidman, 2011

Aside from the majorly powdery mug, Nic's hair looks drier than a desert and SO straightened. Even EMO kids don't go that hard on their hair...

Winona Ryder, 200125 of 25

Winona Ryder, 2001

There's something a bit unwahsed about this.

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