Oscars 2015: Fashion frock-ups! The 30 worst Oscar outfits of all time

All we can say is thank goodness the paparazzi didn't take photos of us in our youth


by Hannah Brimson |
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Get ready to shield your eyes...


Oscars fashion frock-ups! The 30 worst Oscar outfits of all time

Kate Winslet1 of 30

Kate Winslet

Look at 20 year old Kate! This get-up reminds us of our school prom outfit

Amy Adams2 of 30

Amy Adams

Of all the amazing designer dresses out there, you would think Amy could've chosen one which didn't look like it was fashioned by Willy Wonka

Selma Blair3 of 30

Selma Blair

She might have got stuck in a shredder en route to the party, but good sport Selma still made it

Anne Hathaway4 of 30

Anne Hathaway

This colour by itself is hurting our eyes. Let alone the pattern and material

Bjork5 of 30


Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you. Bjork is indeed wearing a swan

Celine Dion6 of 30

Celine Dion

This backwards tuxedo was meant to look all fashhhhhion and cool. But it didn't work sixteen years ago, and it sure as hell still doesn't work now

Cameron Diaz7 of 30

Cameron Diaz

At least Cam found a use for her old Laura Ashley drapes

Charlize Theron8 of 30

Charlize Theron

John Galliano and Charlize must have had a mahoosive falling out when he designed this rose boob creation for her big night

Cher9 of 30


Presumably Cher's Oscar was for the most revealing red carpet dress EVER

Zoe Saldana10 of 30

Zoe Saldana

Just cos it's D&G, doesn't mean it's good

Whoopi Goldberg11 of 30

Whoopi Goldberg

We're pretty sure nobody in the world could get away with this much leopard print

Uma Thurman12 of 30

Uma Thurman

It's amazing what you can do with a bedsheet and an old sash

Nicky Hilton13 of 30

Nicky Hilton

Putting on a brave face despite losing half her dress in an isolated bear attack

Chloe Sevigny14 of 30

Chloe Sevigny

Chlo looks like she's come straight from a tap show

Demi Moore15 of 30

Demi Moore

Note to self: when your fake tan matches your dress, it's time to stop

Diane Keaton16 of 30

Diane Keaton

Soz, Di. There's no way you're passing for an indistinguishable bloke

Helena Bonham-Carter17 of 30

Helena Bonham-Carter

As far as HBC's fashion goes, this isn't the worst by far. But as far as the Oscars goes, unfortunately it is

Faith Hill18 of 30

Faith Hill

Did a child chew up all of their Rainbow Puffs and vomit them up over poor Faith?

Geena Davis19 of 30

Geena Davis

When you heart your toilet roll holder soooo much, you decided to wear it to the Oscars

Tyra Banks20 of 30

Tyra Banks

America's Next Top Fashion Disaster perhaps?

Thora Birch21 of 30

Thora Birch

All disembark the Orient Express

Susan Sarandon22 of 30

Susan Sarandon

Luckily the fabric shop had a spare 500 metres of brown taffeta to make Susan's Oscar dress

Gwyneth Paltrow23 of 30

Gwyneth Paltrow

Here's why us ladies must ALWAYS wear a bra. And try not to dress like we've been auditioning for The Craft

Heather Graham24 of 30

Heather Graham

Here's a lesson in how NOT to wear leather. With a sock stuffed down your top

Madonna25 of 30


Let's hope Madge didn't go near any naked flames that night

Paris Hilton26 of 30

Paris Hilton

Turns out doilies aren't just for tables

Kate Hudson27 of 30

Kate Hudson

Heathcliff, it's me Kathy.....need we say more? Weirdly though, Kate's bag looks very much like Charlotte Olympia's new Chinese takeaway box number. Which makes it kinda OK

Jennifer Hudson28 of 30

Jennifer Hudson

Nice of David Bowie to lend Jen his jacket, eh?

Naomi Watts29 of 30

Naomi Watts

When in doubt, just throw on every single bit of material you possibly can (please don't)

Juliette Binoche30 of 30

Juliette Binoche

At least if your entire outfit is velvet you don't need to think about what goes with it

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