The Outnumbered kids look ridiculously different now



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We don't exactly understand why we're persistently surprised by children growing up, but we still can't get over how different Ramona Marquez, Danielle Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey (Karen, Ben and Jake Brockman from Outnumbered) all look now in 2018.


And they look SO different.

We weren't overly shocked about Jake (we're just gonna call them by their character names from now on), as we've seen him dotted around various BBC3 shows from time to time (including having sex with a robot on The Virtual Reality Virgin – that was weird) – but Karen and Ben have been pretty quiet since.

We don't know what we're more alarmed about – Ben having short, non-curly hair or Karen having her belly button pierced.

Safe to say we're feeling pretty bloody old right now.

Outnumbered started in 2007 and ended in 2014. Karen was six when the series began, Ben seven and Jake 11 – they're now 15, 16 and 20.

Predictably, Twitter exploded with the revelation that some children had got older. People were saying things like "No f*cking way is that Karen", "you've just ruined my evening", and "EHAT (sic) THE HELL BEN". We are so with the last one in particular.


Last year, creator and show dad Andy Hamilton said that the programme may be returning for a special this year. He told Fubar Radio last year: “We hope to visit the family for a kind of one-off.

“Me and Guy (co-creator Guy Jenkins), on our wall, in our office, we have a list of ideas we are trying to work out."

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