Adam Collard hits back at Paige Thorne over cheating rumours

The Love Island 2018 and 2022 star admits, 'I've struggled with this'

Adam Collard and Paige Thorne posing on separate red carpets

by Ben Pulsford |

It's been a hot minute since we thought about Love Island stars Paige Thorne and Adam Collard savage public break-up. I mean, why would we? Paige revealed Adam's alleged cheating to the world, no one was surprised, and we all moved on.

What a time in Love Island history, though; Paige calls out Adam, buys a wardrobe of revenge outfits, then transforms herself into a London it-girl, while bad boy Adam continues to post shirtless, sweaty snaps. Frankly, they both did it better single – like most of us? Controversial.

Following that, of course, Gemma Owen and Luca Bish then announced their split, taking the heat off Paige and Adam, momentarily - at least until Adam decided to indulge in a rather belated blast on the matter via Paul Mort Talks Sh*t The Podcast recently; a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your point of view), we have to say.

Let us tell you, as showbiz journalists, listening to this podcast with Adam Collard and Miles Nazaire's and Charlie Radnedge's Playtime podcast within the space of the same 24-hour stint was WORK. We deserve payday this week.

From the get go, Adam made it clear he was done keeping quiet about 'nugget gate' night, not to mention ex girlfriend Paige's cheating allegations, saying within the first couple of minutes, "I’m taking a little bit of time out from personal, sort of, endeavours with women because of recent events to be quite honest.”

adam collard paige thorne

'I didn’t f-cking cheat on Paige with this blonde girl'

Naturally, host Paul Mort brought up the infamous night Adam was filmed looking particularly suspect with a girl in McDonald's following a personal appearance at a night club. He said, "I was in a takeaway the other night getting a kebab because I wanted a chicken wrap. And some girl's like, ‘Why did you cheat on Paige with that blonde girl?’ I didn’t f**king cheat on Paige with this blonde girl. You’ve seen a f**king TikTok."

Yikes. Shot fired.

He continued, “The nugget thing. Mate, I’ve never had so much grief for wanting a McDonald’s after a night out. Like, all my friends were laughing because the one saw how young she looked. What you don’t realise is the video has been cut out and there’s like three girls on the other side on a conveyor belt asking for photos. Out of 45 nights of nightclub appearances that is probably one of the four that I drank on; the reason I drank on these four is because I took my three best friends. So I, for the first time ever, was a little bit cuddly with the girls and I was like, ‘Go on, get in the photo!’ I do it with my friends, I do it with my family.”

TEA. Contradicting tea, in fact; like, Paige spilled Earl Grey and Adam spilling scolding Peppermint.

'It’s my word against hers'

He continued, “This time around, especially with the Paige situation with ‘Did he cheat? Did he not?’ You know, I’ve struggled. How do you actually prove yourself to everyone in the world when there’s no proof? It’s my word against hers. And to be honest, the girl ('nugget gate' girl) actually came out and had my back anyway. I did struggle with that more this time than I thought I would.”

So if you clicked on this Paige in search of what really happened to rupture this iconic Love Island love story, we're sorry, we just don't know for sure. We're now officially more confused about the dissolution of this relationship than we were before.

Of course, we have opinions, but we're serious journalists and it would be completely unethical for us to share those opinions, so we'll just round this paragraph off with an elusive dot, dot, dot...

'I was stood there the other day telling some random all about these texts that I was having off you know who'

Several weeks ago, Welsh beauty Paige revealed on Vicky Pattison's The Secret To podcast that she had a bad habit of spilling her inner most thoughts and feelings to people who come up to her on the street (which potentially means that a fair few of you know more about this Love Island queen than we do, which to be frank, unsettles us deeply).

Vicky asked Paige whether she found random members of the public approaching her for chats - you know, now she's a big time reality star and all – odd.

Paige admitted, "Do you know what? I will chat to anyone, right? It's part of my job as a paramedic, anyway.

"I will talk the back legs off of a donkey. I need to remember that I don't actually know these people; I don't actually have to tell them the ins and outs of my life."

Paige inadvertently went on to reveal that she had recently told an inquiring member of the public that she has recently multiple texts from "you know who" (who we're all assuming is Adam). She explained, "I was stood there the other day telling some random all about these texts that I was having off you know who, and I had to stop – I've overshared again."

She went on to talk about the support network that keeps her on her feet, following two unsuccessful relationships (one with Adam, the other with a guy she was engaged to going prior to the show) this year.

Paige said, "As long as you are surrounded by people who genuinely love and care for you, boyfriends can come and go as they please, because as long as you've got a good support system, 'Baby, do your worst!'"

She later added, "I'm just never picking boys for myself ever again, because I can't do it really".

Adam Paige split
Adam and Paige's split after pictures of him with another girl on a night out emerged online ©Getty

Why did Paige Thorne and Adam Collard split up?

Unless you've been living under Majorca-sized rock, you'll already know that Love Island couple Adam and Paige called it quits recently, after several weeks together.

You'll also know that Paige recently guested on GK Barry's Saving Grace podcast and accused Adam of dalliances in "VIP toilets", which apparently was far worse than that 'nugget gate' video. heatworld contacted Adam Collard's reps for comment regarding these claims.

This was the first time that Paige publicly spoke out about the split and the alleged "cheating" and quite frankly, someone should win an award for that podcast episode.

'I'm actually going to turn gay because it's easier than going out with women right now'

In October 2022, reality TV royalty swarmed Wembley for this year's National Television Awards - including Adam and Paige (who attended the event separately).

In an interview at the awards ceremony, Adam was super shady when he was asked if he had any comment on recent reports that Paige and Casa Amor bombshell Billy Brown had been spotted getting cosy at Ekin-Su's epic Oh Polly launch party.

He told the Daily Star, "Billy who? That doesn't really phase us to be fair, he looks like a 12-year-old so I really don't think that he's going to be competition."

Not so much competition if you've already been disqualified, honey bun.

Adam then launched into a rant about his Love Island 2022 boys, saying, "I feel like the boys in series eight, the boys weren't like the boys in series four, it's a lot more timid these days.

"Those boys weren't half of the drama as they were in series four; Jack Fincham, Josh Denzel, Wes Nelson, Sam Bird, all of those boys I love but they made the show a lot more.

"It's not any disrespect to the boys in series eight, but it wasn't half the show as series four."

He continued, "Love life wise, I'm actually going to turn gay because it's easier than going out with women right now.

"I'm stumped right now, but I'm fully single. I would go on Love Island every year if they put us in to be fair. I think they actually lost out last season because they actually put on someone I liked because I was meant to be in there as a 'jack in the box'.

Adam Collard Paige Thorne Love Island
Paige and Adam are officially OVER, according to Ekin-Su anyway ©©ITV

"Am I gutted? Maybe part of us is gutted but part of us is like it's for the right reasons. I don't know ask us in a year."

On the red carpet of the NTAs, Adam confirmed that him and Paige had split, telling The Sun, "We’re not together. Things happen. But I mean she is a great girl."

It really echoes Curtis Pritchard telling Amy Hart, "you're a great girl, a fantastic girl" while ripping her "I was coming here to tell you that I loved you" dreams to shreds.

"It is what it is," Adam added, speaking to OK!.

Still grim.

What is 'nugget gate'?

Adam was labelled a "cheat" in September when he was pictured with his arms around a mysterious blonde in a McDonald's after a night out in a scandal we've dubbed 'nugget gate'.

Adam's reps said, "Adam understands how this video looks but wants to state that he left the restaurant with his friends and a box of 60 nuggets (with nothing or no one else) with the intention of getting home safely."

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu– who won Love Island alongside boyfriend Davide Sanclimenti and recently signed up for the next series of Dancing on Ice – subsequently confirmed that Adam and Paige had split, saying, "It's over. It's done.

"I think Paige can do better, that's all I can say."

Ekin Su Love Island
Love Island winner Ekin-Su appears to have confirmed Adam and Paige's split ©Getty

"Love Island probably does better friendships than relationships for most 😂"

Adam first got tongues wagging about his relationship with Paige several weeks ago when he suggested that Love Island helps make more friendships than relationships on his Instagram story.

A fan asked, "Do you find that the Love Island environment can facilitate genuine friendships?'

To which Adam replied, "Probably does better friendships than relationships for most 😂."

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