Adam Collard breaks silence on Paige Thorne ‘split’

Amid rumours the Love Island 2022 stars have already called time on their romance


by Lucy Brown |

The Islanders have only just touched back down in the UK, having barely unpacked their suitcases, but rumours of the Love Island 2022 couples splitting have already started circulating (are we surprised? Nope, not really tbh).

Just last week they were lounging around the villa, going for chats and entertaining the nation every night but adapting to the real world after villa life is no easy task.

Love Island fans have seen even the strongest couples fall victim to staying together on the outside. So, when rumours of a split with fellow Islander Paige Thorne started circulating the rumour mill, bombshell Adam Collard was quick to address the situation.

After a fan asked if he's still dating Paige, Adam responded and said, "I bloody hope so since I’m seeing her tomorrow.

"Course we are, I can’t wait just family comes first."

Family is clearly very important to both Adam and Paige, as we saw when their family members entered the villa.

Whilst Adam’s dad and friend were obsessed with Adam's new relationship, Paige’s mum seemed less than impressed.

During a chat with her daughter, Paige's mum admitted that she "wasn’t buying" Adam's change in personality (if you watched the 2018 series, you'll know why).

Talk about tough love, ey?

We guess time will tell whether mum really does know best.

Despite Adam’s bad boy reputation after appearing on Love Island season four, he seems to have moved on from his heartbreaker ways and matured (thank God), having had his eye on Paige from the start and remained coupled up with her for their duration on the show.

So whilst Paige and Adam are still going strong, we'll just have to sit and wait for that highly anticipated reunion episode.

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