Palace plead for privacy for Prince George as its revealed intrusion is putting him in danger

Prince William and Kate Middleton are asking for more privacy


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

Kensington Palace have released a statement asking that Prince George is left alone following an increase in attempts to photograph him.

They also called for the world’s media to not use unauthorised photographs of George. It’s thought a small number of media organisations in Germany, France, Australia and the US had used the photographs while all UK publications had refused.

Worryingly, the Palace also revealed some of the tactics being employed by some individuals to get lucrative shots of the two year old.

These include: using other children to draw Prince George into view in playgrounds, monitoring his movements while out with his nanny and pursuing cars that are seen leaving William and Kate’s home.


Part of the statement read: “[The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge] have been delighted to share photos of their children and will continue to do so in the months and years ahead. Yet undercover paparazzi continue to pursue their children, selling images of Prince George to international publications.”

Kensington Palace’s communications secretary Jason Knauf added that Prince George had become the paparazzi’s “number one target” before saying they were putting him at risk.

“It is of course upsetting that such tactics - reminiscent as they are of past surveillance by groups intent on doing more than capturing images - are being deployed to profit from the image of a two-year-old boy,” he said.

“In a heightened security environment such tactics are a risk to all involved. The worry is that it will not always be possible to quickly distinguish between someone taking photos and someone intending to do more immediate harm.”

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