Paris Hilton is dating Chloe Sims’ ex, Joe Fournier

Yeah, but does Paris watch TOWIE?


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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What’s going on with all this TOWIE/Cannes news? It’s like the show is sponsoring the super-posh events there or something (though we can assure you it’s not).

First there was the news that Ferne McCann has got a movie role, and now it seems that Paris Hilton has been hanging out with Chloe Sims’ ex over there.

Weird – but interesting.

The Mirror reports that the pair are in a “casual” relationship and have been dating each other for a few months – and are staying together at the Carlton hotel. (Not the Hilton then? Oh.)

Joe and Paris were spotted having a “cosy lunch” together out there.

Paris told the paper: “I love British guys. I miss my dogs, though. My bed feels so empty without them. They are better than any man.

“You know, I am a real lady. I can’t just let any man in my bed.”

We’re guessing that Joe is, er, as good as a dog, then? Look, Paris was the one who said it.

Joe is a personal trainer who dated Chloe in 2013 – way before she hooked up with Elliot “El!” Wright.

Chloe told Reveal that Joe “broke [her] heart” when she discovered photos of him on a boat with another woman (how VERY Cannes).

Paris has described Joe as a “charming” British gentleman. We wonder what Chloe will have to say about that?

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