Paris Hilton orders an Uber. As in an Uber HELICOPTER.

Paris Hilton ordering Ubers just like the rest of us, right? Wrong.

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by Fiona Day |
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Just last week Paris Hilton was pictured sitting on an actual train in the actual UK, after treating Euston station like her own personal catwalk.

But the most Paris Hilton-esque tweets of all Paris Hilton tweets was sent out earlier today, proving that the people’s reality princess really is as far removed from reality as possible.


Kim Kardashian’s former boss casually mentioned to her followers that whilst she was in Cannes, y’know, sauntering around red carpets dripping in diamonds and what-not, that she had ordered an Uber to help her get home.

Except she was hardly hopping into the back of a nice, warm car and making hilarious small talk with her chatty driver to up her Uber rating. Nope.

She was ‘hopping’ into the back of an Uber HELICOPTER.

Indeed. Uber does helicopters now.


So if you’re on your next night out, staggering out your Chicken Cottage clutching your meal deal and the heavens open, rest assured you can promptly book an Uber helicopter to get you from A to B.

Thank you Paris for reminding us how to be fabulous in the modern world.

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