Paul Daniels rushed to hospital after rabbit magic trick goes horribly wrong

You'll like this ... not a lot.


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Paul Daniels is recovering after getting a nasty nip from one his performing rabbits, leading to hospital treatment and antibiotics – plus presumably a few stern looks from Debbie McGee.

The 76-year-old magician took to Twitter last week to lament his fate, writing: “Very bad bite today from one of the rabbits. My fault but no typing with right hand only. Silly me :)”

What… what was he doing with the rabbit? We have no idea. But Debbie is still talking to him, so we can only assume he put the wrong hat on his head to pop to Tesco and forgot there was a bunny in his beret.

The epic struggle between man and beast happened just before his gig at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, meaning he was a bit late to the show.

“On the way to Lyceum Theatre Crewe. Slight delay due to Tetanus jab and anti biotics for rabbit bite :(” he tweeted, hopefully while Debbie drove.

But while the whole of Twitter was gripped with terror at Paul’s horrendous experience, the magician was ever the professional.

“I am ready very early. It will be interesting to do magic with this elostoplasted finger. :)” he added.

So, um, does this happen a lot, Paul? Apparently not, as he told author and TV presenter Dave Gorman.

It’s not even the first time Paul’s landed himself in trouble with bits of his set and props injuring him – as Digital Spy points out, just two years ago he managed to chop off his left index finger and a bit of his ring finger, ironically while trying to fit a safety guard to his circular saw.

“I had no idea what had been damaged or lost or where I was or anything. My head was full of pain and the possible end of the magic,” Paul said at the time.

And then in 2011 he had to head to hospital after fictional TV puppet Sooty threw a piece of pizza at him which landed in his eye.

Sooty later apologised to Paul via his handler Richard Cadell, who said: “He didn't know his own strength.”

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