Peaky Blinders: EVERYTHING we’ve learnt from Season 3

The Shelby clan is back for a third season, and here’s all you need to know about each episode so far. Contains spoilers, obvs

Peaky Blinders

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From Cillian Murphy not finding himself dead in a ditch to a wedding that surely rivalled the Kimye nuptials, we were pretty effing excited to see Peaky Blinders back on our screens in May 2016.

In the season 3 premiere, Tommy got hitched and there were a lot of fisticuffs - but what else have we learnt so far? Let's find out...

Peaky Blinders Episode 2 breakdown

After we'd finished drowning in all the close-ups of Cillian Murphy's blue eyes… (Sorry, we went again for a second there…) this is what those cheeky Peakys managed to cram into just one hour...

There was actual Peaky Blindering

He's done it now...

Last week, the lads burnt down an Italian restaurant, which didn't bode well for harmonious inter-mob relations. Sure enough, the threatened Peaky/Changretta family turf war kicked off in right royal style.

After an unsuccessful tea party in a railway yard ended in various threats to life from miffed Changretta patriarch Vincente, loose cannon John Shelby hid in a coat stand (Yes. He did) and jumped out on his son, Angel Changretta, who's been 'courting' Shelby secretary Lizzie.

Not content with beating the man up, John demonstrated exactly where the gang gets its name from, taking Angel's eye out by way of millinery. Harsh.

This was swiftly followed by a bit more arson and violence, just to make sure things went from really, really bad to so much worse.

Paddy Considine made his debut

Scary Vicar

You don't expect a man in a dog collar to be a total wrong 'un, (although when he turns up to a party for orphans with an MP, you do start to worry), but Father John Hughes is B-A-D news.

While the priest seemed nice enough in his first meeting with Tommy, anyone who's seen Paddy's turn in Dead Man's Shoes will know just how calmly terrifying he can be.

It wasn't long before he was flexing his super-villain muscles by bringing half of Scotland Yard round to nick Tommy, leaving scary death notes under little Prince George-alike Charles' pillow and threatening him with a drooling Doberman.

Luckily, Tommy seems to be some sort of Brummie Cesar "Dog Whisperer" Millan, so the mutt wasn't a problem, but he's clearly very rattled by this new enemy.

Polly got indecently propositioned


Fearsome Polly invited love-struck Ruben round to commission a portrait. But when she wandered into her living room wearing a sassy gown, Ruben momentarily lost the power of speech before regaining his senses enough to invite her for an evening session at his studio.

Oh yes, Ruben? "Pop round and look at my etchings", is it? Once again, Polly sent him off with a flea in his ear and an itch in his…

The ending was SHOCKING

THAT sapphire

And we mean SHOCKING in capital letters. The trouble started when Tommy was paid for some nefarious Russian business with a sapphire the size of a boat.

Apparently smuggled into the country via a Countess' intimate arena (that's one way to avoid excess luggage charges, but we wouldn't recommend it next time you fly EasyJet), we couldn't help but wince when Tommy placed said sapphire, now made into a necklace, around wife Grace's neck. We seriously doubt she'd be as enamoured with it if she knew where it'd been.

But it wasn't enough that she was floating about her charity foundation wearing something that had been up an aristocrat's hoo-ha. Not one minute after Duchess Tatiana announced that the jewel was cursed, a gunshot rang out and Grace went down like J-Law on a red carpet.

WTF, Peaky? That was VERY naughty indeed.

Peaky Blinders Episode 1 breakdown

Tommy married Grace

Annabelle Wallis
Grace, is that you?

It's 1924, two years on from the Season 2 finale, and Tommy and Grace clearly got busy in that time as they now have a kid and a big posh gaff in the country.

The first episode revolved around their wedding day, but it wasn't all twerking and sausage rolls. Grace (played by Chris Martin's lady friend Annabelle Wallis) was grumping about for the entire day, pissed off that Tommy was doing business when he should just be doing the business with her.

Luckily, the resourceful gangster managed to squeeze in both, and Grace cheered up a bit. But we still think this marriage might end up lasting as long as Britney Spears' first.

Tommy's got new enemies

Peaky Blinders
Better play nice, Tommy

He's not the most popular man in town, and this season promises us more of Tom Hardy’s terrifying Alfie Solomons as well as a new super-villain in the shape of Paddy Considine's evil priest, Father John. We can’t wait for THAT.

But this week, we got a peek at the Russian contingent, who are set to loom large over the series. Tommy and his brothers were typically dismissive of attractive newcomer Duchess Tatiana Petrovna when she turned up with a big bag of cash, sending her away like she was an annoying little sister who wanted them to play Barbie. But they've underestimated her, and it won't be long before she lets them know it.

Polly was f-i-e-r-c-e

Helen McCrory
Polly: scaring off the fellas

Helen McCrory's Aunt Polly is never more dangerous and downright epic than when she's flexing those matriarchal muscles, cutting one potentially deadly Russian agent down to size with barely more than a glare and a face-full of fag smoke.

She also kept a potential new romantic suitor, swarthy portrait painter Ruben, on his toes when he chanced his arm with a nocturnal visit to her room – she pinched his Champagne, then sent him off with a flea in his ear. She ain't that kind of girl, mate.

It's still VERY violent

Peaky Blinders
Arthur's lost it

They may be larking about in a big house in the countryside, but Downton Abbey this is not. When half the Cavalry turned up to the wedding, the Blinders decided the only way to deal with the mutual animosity was a bit of bare-knuckle boxing.

Cue the lads stripping to the waist and beating ten bells out of the officers. We also had the women scrapping like a bag of cats over the bouquet and a seriously unstable Arthur bumping off a Russian agent. We're pretty sure there's a whole lot more where that came from...

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