A PENIS appears on Justin Bieber in official Where Are U Now music video! Yes really.

LOL. Just LOL.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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Did Justin Bieber think this immature (yet highly amusing) doodle would go unnoticed? Your Bieliebers are too obsessed with you to miss this, JB.

In Skrillex and Diplo's official music video for their latest track - featuring Biebz - a fan has doodled a penis penetrating the *Boyfriend *singer. LOL.

The animated image appears in half a second, at around two minutes in, so if you blink you will literally miss it. Don't worry though, we've dug it out for you.

More news!

Where Are U Now, released on Monday, has a bit of an artistic twist to it. For the music vid, fans came in for a project to draw over Bieber footage, which has now appeared in a the video.

One fan drew a penis over JB - no shock there - but it looks like the image was approved and added to the series of clips. We like to see that Biebz can poke fun at himself?

There's no way during the edit and cut this would have been missed out, this must have been on purpose, right?

At two minutes and two seconds this crops up...

There are not enough words to describe the amount of laughter.

And with such a huge, loyal fanbase it didn't take long for Bieliebers to clock the flash of the penis on Justin.

Yesterday, Justin tweeted 'what is your favourite art?' with a link to the video.

We know what ours is. What's yours? Let us know via @heatworld Twitter and Facebook.


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