Some people just drove a TANK to the BBC in a bid to #BringBackClarkson to Top Gear


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by Emmeline Saunders |
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Jeremy Clarkson must be sitting inside his man cave – we imagine it to be stocked with multiple copies of his numerous casually racist autobiographies and a lot of odd socks – rubbing his hands with absolute glee.

Because a bunch of internet people this lunchtime have hired an ACTUAL tank and driven it to the BBC with a petition calling for him to be reinstated to Top Gear.


    Yep. Organised by the Guido Fawkes blog, a bunch of noobs drove the tank through the streets of central London to the BBC Broadcasting House just off Oxford Circus.

    They even had a fake Stig sitting astride the massive gun like it was an actual penis substitute.

    The tank was decked out in signs saying, “#BringBackClarkson” and “One Million Signatures” – which is slightly embarrassing, because the main petition calling on Jezza to be forgiven for his “fracas” is still 9,000 signatories short of a million.

    Even the police were on hand to reassure bemused lunch-goers that London wasn’t in immediate threat from an armoured vehicle.

    “There is a self-propelled gun/armoured vehicle being driven through the streets of Central London this morning making its way to the Broadcasting House in Portland Place,” the Met police said.

    “Police are fully aware and are in contact with the event organisers. The vehicle is currently in Islington.”

    But… why a tank? Surely this petition would have been better delivered in a lobs hand grenade and runs reasonably priced car, no?

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