Perez Hilton shows why he failed to become an actor in Jedward’s sleek new video

He appears in the promo for their track Make Your Own Luck


by Owen Tonks |
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Perez Hilton isn’t just a celebrity blogger and professional annoyance – he started his website in 2004 after graduating from New York University and failing to become a successful actor.

But the Celebrity Big Brother housemate has been given another chance to take centre stage by playing the part of, er, himself in Jedward’s new music video.

The writer appears in the promo for the former X Factor contestants’ song Make Your Own Luck which the twins released on their VEVO channel on YouTube on Thursday.

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Perez’s smug mug appears just seconds into the video and he can be seen sitting behind his desk in his Los Angeles office.

He attempts to look all authoritative and spins round in his chair before flipping open his laptop whilst sporting a bright red nose which wouldn’t look out of place on Rudolf.

Showing off his brilliant incredibly wooden acting skills, he says: “Brand new Jedward, lets check it out.”

Perez can later be seen snapping his fingers (not literally because that would be a proper bloodbath) and bopping away in his chair before the video reaches its end when he says: “That was super fun! I love these boys.”

He then looks straight down the camera and winks, making us do little sicks in our mouths.

Jedward seem to making a habit of getting their celebrity pals to appear in their videos after Tara Reid’s cameo in the video for their song Ferocious.

In addition to Perez, comedian Margaret Cho also appears, making the guys clean the floor of her house with a toothbrush before chucking a glass of water in their faces.

As for Jedward themselves? Don’t tell anyone we said this, but they’re looking pretty hot as they strip down to their Speedos and jump into the pool in the warm Californian sunshine.

And with the sleek video and new grown-up sound, their fans are totes going to love this.


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