Perrie Edwards explains why she’s not wearing her engagement ring and jokes: “I’ll be heartbroken”

We wonder if Yoko Ono would have done the same...

Perrie Edwards

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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It’s been a LONG, publicity-filled few months for Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. There was that little thing with Zayn leaving One Direction for starters.

Then Perrie got loads of agg from Directioners calling her Yoko Ono, though we’re pretty sure to this day that NONE of them have a clue who John Lennon, Yoko Ono or The Beatles actually are.

Perrie and the rest of Little Mix went on the radio this morning with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon - and she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. Naturally, Perrie was asked why.


“You know what, I feel naked, it’s horrible. You know when you get used to wearing something? But no, it’s getting cleaned,” she replied.

“In the paper tomorrow [Zayn and I will] probably not be together anymore,” she added.

‘Yeah, we’ll be separated... I’ll be heartbroken, it will all be over.”

And a million Directioners’ hearts leapt for a moment, before realising Perrie was having a MASSIVE LOL.

Perrie, we recommend just giving your ring a rub with the corner of your top next time. Free, and fast. Do you really need to send it away to be cleaned?

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