Perrie Edwards has FINALLY put her engagement ring from Zayn Malik back on

Doesn’t really look any cleaner to us though, tbh

Perrie Edwards

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Perrie Edwards has had her engagement ring from Zayn Malik off for ages now. For about three weeks, in fact.

BUT NOW IT’S BACK ON, and she’s 100 per cent letting us know in this photo. Look, her hand is RIGHT THERE FOR US TO SEE and Perrie wants us to see that big old sparkler, too.

She was apparently getting it cleaned for most of May, and though we’d usually just use a glasses cloth/bit of tea towel/rag out of the washing basket, we guess Perrie is a minted pop star with different priorities when it comes to, er, the cleanliness of a ring.

Looks, er, really clean

Pez told Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon on the radio a few weeks back:

“You know what, I feel naked, it’s horrible. You know when you get used to wearing something? But no, it’s getting cleaned,” she replied.

“In the paper tomorrow [Zayn and I will] probably not be together anymore,” she added.

"Yeah, we’ll be separated... I’ll be heartbroken, it will all be over.”

Anyway, the ring is now firmly back on Perrie’s finger.

Though we’ll be keeping an eye on it. It does seem to have a life of its own.

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