Perrie Edwards had the dog-filled 24th birthday party of dreams

Hope she doesn't feel too woof today

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

by Carl Smith |

Being in the biggest girlband on the globe, it sort of goes without saying that Little Mix's Perrie Edwards went BIG for her 24th birthday. But did you know that - as well as celebrating with loads of her besties including vloggers Lucy and Lydia Connell and the group's dancers last weekend - our Pez had another party with loads of dogs?


Yup - after being given an actual gigantic cake on stage by Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson on Saturday Perrie hosted a second soiree with loads of her Pomeranian's pals. Amazing.

If you're not familiar with Perrie's pet pooch Hatchi, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? He's adorable and joined her celebrtions with a Slush Puppie before the arrival of his mates.

Sidenote: He was also in a Frozen party hat, as if the event wasn't brilliant enough already.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

And can we please discuss BENNY in a bow tie? GAH.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

Also this Miniature Pinscher Mojo has Instagram (and probably more followers than us.) Oh, life.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards

Hope you don't feel too woof today, Perrie love.


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